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Inspection Agency

(formerly Cambria County Building Codes Enforcement Agency)


Serving member Municipalities in Somerset and Cambria Counties
Information on Other Permits

We understand that the laws and regulations concerning building permits and the permit process can be confusing and misunderstood. We hope to provide you with guidance through the process, from the beginning of determining if a permit is required for your work or project, to the final occupancy of your new home or addition. 

Do I Need a Building Permit?

PERMITS AND INSPECTIONS ARE REQUIRED on any new residential, commercial, and industrial building projects in the participating municipalities.  Building permits are required on any construction, demolition, alteration, or renovation project (residential included); however, certified inspections may or may not be required depending on the nature of the work.

Prior to starting any construction, demolition, alteration, expansion, or renovation project it is necessary to contact the Office of the Laurel Municipal Inspection Agency, 140 E. Carroll St. Suite 202 P.O. Box 375
Carrolltown PA. 15722
, or by phoning 814-471-0424, weekdays Monday – Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm for information and assistance with the Permit Application. 

Individuals and contractors desiring a copy of the Permit Application may call our office via the regular phone lines, visit our office, or print from our website.  Once the Applicant completes the information requested on the Application, the Permit Application may then be mailed, faxed or returned to our office, along with other required documents.

Other Projects and/or Construction That Require Permitting
Outdoor Signs
Commercial Pavillions
In Home Day Care
In Addition to the Above, Other Activities and Certain Construction May Require Authorization From Your Municipality.

Municipal Authorization Form

Examples of Our Work
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